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Secrets & Glitches(Ps2)Edit


Library Stair case glitch-Go to the back of the Library, turn around. See the stair case on the far end to ur right? Go up it until u hit the landing. Go into the corner as a Jet Trooper, or Shadow Trooper, activate ur jet pack, and fly up to the roof, then forward.

Curtain Glitch-Go to command post 5, just outside the door. Look up, there should be curtain, if there isn't go to the other door. Fly up to the curtain and hit wall above the brown line then stop flying and u should be standing on the wall.

CP 5 Hiding Spot-Go into Command post 5, look towards the wall behind the CP. U can hide behind the two big lights, and still take over the CP.

CP 6 Hiding Spot-Fly to the top of CP 6, Run off the edge by the window looking into the temple. U might be able to switch ur trooper class if u have the base by pressing triangle. Switch to sniper in u can, perfect sniping spot.(Plz add more hiding spots, secrets and glitches for Ps2 only.)

Secret Passages-Be republic. U start at base 3, when ur coming out, turn right before u leave. There should be a door that leads to a big room thats green. There'll be lots of hallways in there, but it doesn't matter which one u go down, they all lead to the same place, base 2, or the library(Upper level). Across the room there is another door. it leads out side. Go through it. It will lead to base 1.

Death star 2

Above The Doorway Glitch-Go to command post 5, the big laser, and got to the door that leads u the all the bridges with a jet trooper, but don't go in. Turn around and go down the the bridge that is slanted. Look to ur right, there's a door way. Fly up over it, and then land. U should be walking on air.

On the Laser Glitch-Go to CP 5, and do basically the same thing as the one above this, 'cept walk to the doorway, then jump onto the green tube across from the door. U should be standing on it alive. Don't go to far back, pr to far to the laser or u'll die.

Tower Glitches-Between bases 3, 4, 5, there are big towers that make light. Fly up to the top of any one of them, and walk just a bit off the edge, u can just barely get both feet off the edge.

Garbage Masher Secret Passage-Go to base 2, and look down the hallway. Go down it. If ur coming from base 2 there's a grate to ur left that u can shoot. If coming from base 3, then its on ur right. Shoot the grate, and look down it. The walls in the room below you should be either closing, closed, opening, or out of sight. Wait for them to close, then as they're opening slide down the chute. Run to the door on the other side, u can't go back up the chute. Never mind the green key pad, it does nothing.

Green Key Pads-There are 4 green key pads. 2 do nothing, and 2 work. The 2 that do nothing are in the garbage masher, and across the bridge from base 5. One of the 2 that works is in base 5, just in front of the bridge. If u shoot it the bridge will deactivate. The 2nd is through the doorway in the circle room, with the bridge over the pit, that leads to hangar 85G, or base 6. There's a bridge in front u, and if u shoot the panel the bridge will de activate, and u will have to either go around the huge pit, or jump the gap where the bridge was(Its possible).

Hiding Spot in Base One-In base one, if u look at the wall to ur right, and look up, u'll see two windows. How do u get to them? Look back down, and a bit more to the right. there's a door. It leads to the room with the windows. It's a good sniper point. Up there, there's another door. It leads to the hallway out side the main door of base 1.

Secret Passages-At base 5 do the same thing as the first glitch but go in the doorway. The other passage is between base 1 and six, the two hangars. In base one, look at the main door, then turn to ur right, there's another door. Go through it. It leads to base 6.


Sniper spot 1-Respawn at base 6. Walk straight until the first access ram to the Ewok tree-houses. Go up the ramp and explore the tree-houses. If you find a tree house realy close to the one ur on and has no access what so ever. Jump to it.

Sniper spot 2-Be Rebles. grab a speed bike and go out of bounds to ur left if ur looking to the way the chicken walkers come from.(You need invinsibility) Keep going straight until you reach the shield bunker. On the hill behind it destroy ur speeder and crouch down in tall grass. Then snipe away.


Secret spot:

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